When: October 24, 2015
Where: NewSchool of Architecture and Design, Main Gallery
Address: 1249 F St., San Diego, CA 92101

Open to public at 8 AM.  Interactive demonstrations from 2-7 PM.

Featuring models, prototypes, drawings, and interactive demonstrations of presenters’ work.

Also featuring students’ work in the Computational Design Program at NewSchool of Architecture and Design.

Scheduled Exhibits

Set Design Process: Terminator Genisys

Andrew Reeder

On Exhibit:  Concept artwork and in-process photos for the Cyberdyne R&D Labs featured in the film. The set can be seen in the film’s trailer.


Parametric Towers: Design, Analysis,
and Optimization

NewSchool Student Work
Courses: Computational Design II & III
Instructor: Rajaa Issa and Michael Riggin

On Exhibit: Student’s models and presentation graphics.




Parametric Slaloms + Generative Landscapes

NewSchool Student Work
Course: Parametric Modeling
Instructor: Michael Riggin

On Exhibit: Rollercoaster models and presentation graphics.


Dynamic Acoustic Panels

Erik Luhtala

On Exhibit: Physical prototypes, diagrams, and statistical data.

Luhtala 01

Luhtala 02

Immersive Environment Walkthrough

Casey Mahon

On Exhibit:  Gestural Interface for controlling geo-spatially located projects, interactive Immersive Environment walk-through via Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard peripherals.



Dynamic Architectural Systems

Anthony Mull

On Exhibit:  Physical models and presentation boards documenting the design, logic, and fabrication of the kinetic prototype.


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