NewSchool of Architecture and Design:

In the fall of 2015, the NewSchool of Architecture and Design celebrates its 35th anniversary. Since its establishment in 1980 NewSchool has grown in many ways. It now has over 400 students in graduate and undergraduate architecture programs. NewSchool, located in downtown San Diego, is a part of the revitalized East Village. The school now offers degrees in Animation, Game Art, Game Programming, Construction Management, Interior Architecture and Design, Product Design, Strategic Design and Management, and Media Design, in addition to its earliest architecture programs.

When NewSchool was founded, studios and classes were scheduled in the late afternoon and evenings to provide opportunities for students to pursue educational goals while balancing other life demands such as family and work. This educational model encouraged students to be engaged in the profession and in turn promoted John Dewey’s concept of “learning by doing.”

Over the past thirty plus years, the practitioner focus of NewSchool’s architecture program has remained central to educational pedagogy at NewSchool. Recognizing this longstanding commitment to both the discipline and the practice of architecture, and to celebrate its 35th anniversary, NewSchool will convene a symposium this October to examine the role of computational design within the practice of architecture.

<  PRACTICE >  Organizing Committee:


Rajaa Issa
Faculty, NewSchool of Architecture and Design. Coordinator of the Computational Design program, Graduate Program in Architecture.  Software developer at Robert McNeel and Associates (developers of Rhino 3D + Grasshopper).

Michael Riggin
Faculty, NewSchool of Architecture and Design. Coordinator of the Computational Design program, Undergraduate Program in Architecture.  Designer and certified Rhino 3D Instructor.

Advising Committee:

Kurt Hunker, FAIA
Chair of the Graduate Program in Architecture, NewSchool of Architecture and Design.

Len Zegarski
Chair of the Undergraduate Program in Architecture, NewSchool of Architecture and Design.

We look forward to seeing you at the < PRACTICE > Symposium.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi pity we can’t come over and join your symposium on computational design but we would love to hear how you are going. We have started a computational design bachelor degree this year and are interested to discuss teaching and education processes. Cheers from Sydney


    1. Thank you Hank for your interest. It would have been great to have you, as we will be discussing the computational program in NewSchool and the philosophy behind it. Our regards, Rajaa Issa


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